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Did you know that many US cities hold shoe conventions every year? No? Well, now you do, and you can find out more about some of the top ones here. We don’t just include red carpet heels, we are also all about the sneakers.

Sneakers are big business and more people than you can imagine actually collect them, buy high priced designer sports footwear and then keep them in mint condition in their boxes. Jordan’s signed by Jordan, Yeezy’s signed by Kanye himself, all worth a small fortune and take pride of place in peoples homes. New releases and promotions are often preceded by scores of people sleeping out overnight to be in the front of the line in order be the first person to own the coveted footwear.

Did you ever want to find out how Manolo’s or Jimmy Choo’s came to be some of the most well-known shoe designers in the world? We have short biographies that should answer your questions.

Most women have probably had a bad experience or two with stilettos, they are known for not being the most comfortable footwear, so why spend a major part of your pay packet on a pair you might never wear? Find out here!

Shoes and sneakers are not just for adults, and so we also include a bit of information regarding a shoe convention just for kids footwear.

The US footwear industry is not just all about stuffy mall shoe stores, it is a whole world of amazing designs and styles to suit every single size and shape of shoes. From budget footwear to designer heels that cost millions of dollars, you can find just what you are craving here.

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