National Shoe Retailers Association

Not many people know that there is a National Shoe Retailers Association but this organization does a great deal of work to help members to maximize the potential of their businesses. The Association helps with providing information, networking, offer educational opportunities, and cost-savings. As the average member has actually been a member for at least 12 years, it shows that working with the NSRA can assist with business longevity.

In the US, around 20% of all footwear sales happen through independent retailers rather than through national chains, and this accounts for around $7.4 billion in sales each year. The National Shoe Retailers Association plays a role in organizing a number of different retailers conventions each year, including some that take place in New Jersey, and finding sponsors for the events including Betfair NJ online Casinos in NJ amongst others.

The organization acts on a not-for-profit basis and covers both the USA and Canada. Most people would assume that this organization is a new one, but it has actually been in existence since 1912. At that time, there were 63 members. These days, the association is much larger and liaises between retailers and manufacturers to ensure that the retailers enjoy fair deals that can help to boost their business.

The National Shoe Retailers Association formed a partnership with the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America in 2013. The aim was to strengthen the representation for footwear retailers and this partnership now represents more than 8000 independent retailers across the country, supporting them as they compete against well-known chain retailers.

The average member of the NSRA will have up to four stores and will employ around 7 full-time members of staff. Most members of the association will also sell footwear to both adults and children, rather than specializing in one and to help to maximize business, they will also offer a range of accessories, selling bags and other fashionable items.

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