Fashion Footwear Association of New York

The Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) aims to help the footwear industry to find easier ways to do business in the city and to promote innovation in the way that business is done. The association is also working to boost the strength of the industry with education and encourage more charitable works among retailers and manufacturers.

New York City is right at the heart of the fashion industry and this is one of the reasons why the association is based there. There is a New York Shoe Expo that takes place and it is where retailers, designers, and buyers meet up to find out what is happening in the design and manufacturing of shoes. The expo takes place four times a year and it attracts thousands of people each time, and sponsors such as Betfair Casino Betfair Casino and other popular big name brands.

One of the charitable causes supported by the association is breast cancer research and all members are encouraged to raise money and awareness for these causes. The educational opportunities promoted by the association include workshops and scholarships and there is also a range of e-learning courses that will help a new generation of footwear professionals to develop careers in the industry.

One of the opportunities that are available is the Art of Shoemaking Course. These are held in various locations at different times of the year. The expertise of the professionals at Arsutoria, the Italian shoemaking school, is available through these five-day workshops to help people to develop essential skills.

The benefits of belonging to the Association are many for local retailers and manufacturers. It offers an opportunity to network and develop contacts needed to do business, both in New York and other parts of the country. It also gives them a point of contact if there is any information that they need to help to establish and grow their businesses.

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