Most Expensive Shoe Brands

For most people, the opportunity to own a really expensive pair of designer shoes will never come true, but if you do suddenly have the urge to splash the cash, these are the brands that will cost you a little more than you would normally pay.

Walter Steiger

This is a shoe brand that dates back to 1932 and has become famous for its unique designs. This is a Swiss brand and its stores can be found in cities such as Milan and New York. You won’t find a pair of shoes here for less than around $500, which is still much cheaper than most designers.

Jimmy Choo

This is a very well-known designer and it is one brand that you are sure to see on the red-carpet year after year. If you really want a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, then you should be prepared to pay a few thousand dollars.

Alexander McQueen

Already well known as the brand that produced the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress, Alexander McQueen shoes will set you back at least $1600. The brand is known for its outlandish designs, so this is definitely one for you if you want a pair of statement shoes.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a shoe designer that has taken the world by storm. One particular design with red soles and high heels have been worn by many celebrities and the brand’s popularity is growing day by day. Make sure you have around $3000 in your pocket before you go shopping though!

Manolo Blahnik

This is a brand whose designs sell out very quickly, so when a new pair of shoes is released in the market, you need to pick them up immediately. The brand is known for going against the grain in the design world and famously launched back in the 70s, showcasing high heels when the fashion was for platform shoes.

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