What to Expect from a Trip to SneakerCon

When most people consider conventions, they think about ComicCon or Sci-Fi conventions where fans dress up and go along to meet their favorite characters, writers and actors. SneakerCon is a little different but definitely worth a trip if you want something a little different to do.

While it may sound as though it is something that only real enthusiasts will go to, there are actually thousands of people who visit it find out what is happening in the world of the sneakers. Don’t be surprised to find out that most of the attendees are high school kids. These events take place in cities all over the country from San Francisco to New Jersey and they are sponsored by organizations that are household names including Betfair NJ Betfair NJ amongst many others.

SneakerCon is not just for those who want to buy the latest sneakers from designers and retailers or to find out more about the history of this type of footwear. People are trying to sell them and there are some attendees that are prepared to pay thousands of dollars to get the right designer labels or limited-edition sneakers.

There are rows and rows of vendors that offer sneakers for sale and you can pick up all the biggest labels at these events. You do need to be careful because some of these vendors just want to get hundreds of dollars for one pair of sneakers and they are not always worth the price. A good tip is to have a good look at the event before parting with any cash. While you might be keen to pick up a limited-edition pair, don’t think for one minute that other vendors will not have the same pair. Generally, they will and you might get a better deal further along the row.

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