Are Designer Heels Comfortable?

There are many people who avoid wearing high heels because they want to be sure that their feet are comfortable. There are others who spend all day in designer heels because they feel most comfortable that way. But, are designer heels actually comfortable to wear? There are some designer heels where comfort was considered as much as the overall design. Try a few of these:

Chanel sling backs

The classic design of the Chanel slingback means that it is one that will work with a variety of outfits, will not go out of fashion after just one season and features a thicker heel that makes it much more comfortable to wear than most designer heels.

Jimmy Choo Anouks

Those who regularly wear designer shoes appear to already know that Jimmy Choo Anouks is widely considered to be the most comfortable designer high heels that you can buy. These have been very popular with celebrities because they can easily spend hours wearing these shoes and not feel the pinch.

Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps

The BB pump is one of those classic designs that the celebrities love. It was designed with comfort in mind as well as style, so the toes do not pinch, and you do not feel as though your foot is being squeezed. The support gained from the arches is also very comfortable.

Valentino Rockstud

These pumps are available in a variety of heel heights, so whether your preference is for a skyscraper heel or a lower version, you will find a version of the Rockstud pump that will suit you. There is a 100mm heel height that may sound as though it could give you vertigo, but it is considered to be very comfortable for walking, thanks to the way that the heel has been positioned. And even though the toe is pointy, it does not feel as though there is any pinching.

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